Community and People: Heart Mountain, WY

Heart Mountain was named by the Crow Indians because they thought the mountain looked like a buffalo heart. The significance of Heart Mountain is three-fold:

  • Unusual geological formation raises many discussions in the geological community.
  • Served as a landmark on maps used by Lewis and Clark.
  • Location of a relocation camp for Japanese Americans from 1942 - 1945.

Heart Mountain is located north of Cody approximately halfway between Powell and Cody. (approx. 11 miles either way) The view changes dramatically from every direction.

Geographical Resources
Northwest College
Albion College Geology Field Camp in the Rockies:
Mapping the Heart Mountain Thrust Zone
Historical Resources
Northwest College
Relocation Camp Resources
The Heart Mountain Relocation Center was built during the summer of 1942 and received its first contingent of Japanese Americans August 12, 1942. It is located in Park County, northwestern Wyoming. The last internees left November 10, 1945.
Heart Mountain Digital Preservation Project.
Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation
Masumi Hayashi Photography
Heart Mountain Relocation Camp
Executive Order 9066: Japanese Relocation Order (1942)
The Ultimate Resource for the Independent Traveller
Japanese American Relocation Digital Archives
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